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Sender beware: Most embarrassing texts sent to the wrong person

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text messaging mishaps

Whether you meant to text “Bob” and accidentally clicked “Boss,” or sent a regretful message after one too many adult beverages, you’ve probably texted something you wish you could take back. We’re right there with you.

And, apparently, so were a lot of people on the Reddit thread: “What’s your most embarrassing text/message of all time?”  

Daddy issues

"I want to see you naked" to my dad. Obviously not meant for him. I've seen him naked plenty, and no one want's that.—mrfoyl 

Do you offer private tutoring?

"Hey babe, I'll be over at around 10pm tonight" ... to the mother of one of my piano students.—np89

Need a trim?

Sent this to my landscaper: "Can't wait to see you tonight, my love." His (classic) reply: "That will be an extra $40, my friend." red2blue 

Leave room for dessert

My wife sent me a text message asking what I wanted for dinner. I had forgot that we were having the family over for dinner that night. I sent her a pic of my gentleman veggies and asked her if she wanted that for dinner. I sent it to her entire family because I neglected to see it was a group text. I thought about driving into oncoming traffic that night on my way home from work. R1CHARDCRANIUM

Love hurts

I intended to send "I Love You" to my girlfriend of 18 months. I accidentally sent it to the ex-wife. amw157

Holy crap

Some old lady that I go to church with texted me this: "Do something brave today." I thought it came from one of my buddies, so I responded with: "Like poop with the door open?" It’s the little victories that get us through the day. Daveastation

Mommy and daddy need some alone time

I've had a few slip ups, but nothing beats the time my dad sent me a text that was supposed to go to my mom that said "tell the girls to go out to dinner tonight so we can have wild sex," referring to me and my sister. Scarred. For. Life. It only got worse when I sent a screenshot of it to my mom complaining, and she replied with "lol you're a big girl now, will y'all go out?" We went out to dinner. I didn't eat anything. Ugh. cameronblair95 

Mom's had an accident

A friend of ours texted her 20 year old son "My panties are soaked right now" thinking she was sending it to her husband. He texted back "Um, do you want me to bring you new ones?"acidsmoke 


"Sorry about my dirty balls." - sent to my boss at 2:59 in the AM. jesseman445

Best present ever

iPhone auto-corrects "Benihana" to say "GENITALS" So when my parents asked me what I was doing for my birthday (2 years ago today btw), I sent them this text: "Emilie is treating me to genitals. She's never done it and it's a dinner and a show!" —artformarket

Can't wait to see you!

The most embarrassing for me was actually one that I received. I had a second date with a girl, and a few hours before the date, she texted me "what ever happened to the guys who give us butterflies?" She texted back saying it was not meant for me, then stood me up. IconOlast

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