Seattle firefighter revives puppy with oxygen mask

SeattleSeattleFire via Twitter
SeattleSeattleFire via Twitter

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By Amy Eley

One Seattle pup received some TLC Tuesday after being rescued from a burning home.

The Seattle Fire Department sent out a tweet Tuesday afternoon of a firefighter applying an oxygen mask to a puppy who had just been pulled out of a burning home in West Seattle.


The photo was taken after the puppy and six other dogs were removed from the burning residence. Firefighter Darryl Graham of Seattle’s Ladder 11 used an oxygen mask specifically designed for animal snouts to resuscitate the pup.

“They can fit the different snouts of dogs and cats and allow the firefighters to pump oxygen to their lungs,” Kyle Moore, a public information officer for the city of Seattle, told

While this little pup fully recovered at the scene, along with two adult dogs believed to be its parents, Moore said that four other puppies removed from the home sadly did not survive. 

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