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Savannah's mom sent her the perfect text to ease her worries before surgery

Mom perspective is the best perspective.
/ Source: TODAY

Leave it to Savannah Guthrie's mother to send her just the right dose of mom perspective and humor to calm her daughter before her eye surgery.

The TODAY anchor shared a text message on Instagram Friday that was sent by her mother, Nancy Guthrie, ahead of Savannah's retinal detachment surgery on her right eye Wednesday.

Savannah needed the procedure after son Charley, who turned 3 on Monday, poked her in the eye with a toy train in late November.

"Three years ago today you were waiting with bated breath for this new little baby to bring joy to your heart,'' Nancy wrote. "And every day he has except maybe for the day he threw the train into your eye. Love u. Don't fret."

Savannah was grateful for the words as she underwent the surgery after a series of laser procedures were not able to fix the tear in her retina and her retinal detachment.

"A week ago I was worried about having to have surgery and got this text from my mom," Savannah wrote on Instagram. "It was two days before Charley’s bday. Mom perspectives are the best perspectives. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and good wishes. Things are looking up! I mean I’m not (looking up), but things are ❤️❤️❤️. Hope to SEE everybody soon!!"

The TODAY anchor shared a picture of herself and Charley recovering at home following the procedure. She has to remain immobile and face down as she heals.

We hope you have a speedy recovery, Savannah!