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Rumer Willis reveals why mom Demi Moore's 2012 relapse was 'triggering'

The eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore will celebrate five years of sobriety next month.
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Rumer Willis opened up about being sober with her family and her mom Demi Moore's 2012 relapse.Toni Anne Barson / WireImage
/ Source: TODAY

Rumer Willis is thankful that she is sober alongside her sisters, Scout and Tallulah, and their mother, Demi Moore.

“The most amazing thing about this journey for us as a family is that in a lot of ways it has allowed for a different level and depth of communication that I don’t know we would have had otherwise,” Willis told “Addiction Talk” host Joy Sutton during an Instagram live on Monday.

“The place we are all at together with each other is the best place we have ever been. And it’s something I am so grateful for,” Willis, 33, said. She noted that they all understand what the other person is going through and speak "the same language."

Willis will celebrate five years sober next month, while Scout and Tallulah have been sober five and seven years, respectively. Moore, 59, revealed in 2019 that she was nearly eight years sober after relapsing in 2012.

In her memoir, “Inside Out,” Moore recalled suffering a seizure after using nitrous and synthetic cannabis while at a party with Rumer.

“I scared Rumer so badly when she saw me there, semiconscious on the floor; she thought I might die in front of her," she wrote.

Following the traumatic event, Willis and her sisters stopped communicating with the “Ghost” actor for three years. Willis is now shedding light on that period of estrangement.

“90% of the time, if we look at someone else and see something that feels triggering, it is usually triggering because it is something we don’t like about ourselves,” Willis said on “Addiction Talk.” “So, if we are holding judgement for someone else, I think, it is really important to take time and do an inventory in yourself and go, ‘Wow, this feel so uncomfortable. I wonder why this feels so uncomfortable. Can I look back and see if I have done that same behavior to someone?'”

Willis marked four years of sobriety on New Year’s Eve with an inspiring post on Instagram.

“So grateful for choosing myself above any need to distract or numb out. Especially this past year when so much has come up for not just myself but the world,” she wrote in part. “I feel immense gratitude that even when I have no escape from the feelings that come up no matter hard or painful they may be, I try my best to live through them and come out the other side.”