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'RHONY' star Ramona Singer reveals Lyme disease diagnosis

"I'm very lucky and very blessed," said the reality star, who caught the disease early on.
/ Source: TODAY

Ramona Singer feels "lucky" to be thriving after being diagnosed with Lyme disease.

The "Real Housewives of New York City" star talked about her diagnosis with E! News, explaining that she believes she caught the illness from an undetected tick bite in the Hamptons, where she owns a home.

Ramona Singer at 2019 BravoCon Opening Night
"The Real Housewives of New York City" star Ramona Singer believes she caught Lyme disease from an undetected tick bite.Arturo Holmes / WireImage

"You must get tested once a year, especially if you're in an area where there are deer," said Singer, 63. "But, we caught it early and I'm very lucky and very blessed."

Symptoms of Lyme disease, which is notoriously difficult to diagnose, can include fatigue, joint pain and brain fog. Those who were infected by a tick bite sometimes see a bull's-eye-shaped red rash where the tick punctured their skin. Most people are cured by antibiotics, but a certain percentage go on to suffer lasting symptoms.

Singer started feeling unwell around the middle of February. After a blood test revealed she had Lyme disease, she began taking an antibiotic. Though she's experienced some fatigue, she's overall in excellent health, she said.

"(My doctor) said everything else is great," said Singer. "'You're a strong woman, very healthy and you can easily live to 95.' I told him I want to live to 100."

Singer saw Lyme disease impact her family about a decade ago when her younger sister was diagnosed with the condition.

"She was complaining about all kinds of pain eight years ago, to the point where she was having problems walking," she told "Entertainment Tonight" in 2018. "We finally come to our own conclusion that this must be Lyme disease, then she was tested for it.

"I'm aggressive, so I started calling all my friends saying, 'My sister has Lyme disease, who do you know? Who can I call?'" she continued.

She added, “It’s just a really scary disease and it’s not black and white.”