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This yoga flow will tone your whole body in 10 minutes

No time to exercise? This gentle yoga routine will sculpt long, lean muscles — no weights required.

Think you just don’t have the time to exercise? Time to toss out that excuse. This 10-minute yoga flow from Melissa Wood Tepperberg, creator of of Melissa Wood Health (MWH), works your entire body and will tone your muscles without the need for weights.

“I love sharing these shorter flows because it’s a beautiful reminder that if we don’t have a ton of time available to us, there’s always something that we can get in that strengthens our minds, our bodies ... so that we’re able to move through our day with so much more ease,” said Tepperberg.

The short flow is representative of her signature MWH method, which is comprised of low-impact, but highly-effective movements.

“My method is all about using slow, controlled movements to sculpt these beautiful long, lean lines — that muscle tone in your body that sometimes you didn’t even know you had,” she said. “And it’s all about being really gentle and easy in your breath and your body to experience incredible results.”

This flow starts with a short breathing exercise to help you connect to your body and breath, then transitions into an easy (but effective!) flow that targets every muscle in the body. You will definitely feel the burn in your glutes and abs!

Start your day on a better note by squeezing the quick flow into your morning routine, or use it as an excuse to get up from your desk and beat that afternoon slump.


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