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This 6-minute workout will boost your heart rate — and your mood!

When you are short on time, try this low-impact routine from Sweat with Sav to tone your legs, butt and core.

Only have a few spare minutes to exercise today? Hit play on this quick routine from Savannah Freed of Sweat with Sav. Designed to get your blood flowing and boost your mood, it’s the perfect way to start your day or as a quick pick-me-up during your lunch break.

“The goal here is to get our bodies moving, get that heart rate up and get our spirits high. We’re here to have a little fun,” said Freed.

The workout starts with a warm up and then moves through body-weight exercises that can be done anywhere — no equipment required.

Standing movements, like good mornings, oblique twists and sumo squats, target the lower body and obliques. Then you will hit the ground for a quick one-minute core round before finishing it off with another set of standing exercises that target the lower body and get your heart rate up.

By the end you will be out of breath, breaking a sweat and feeling the mood-boosting effects of getting your heart rate up — in less than 10 minutes!

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