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'Property Brothers' talk about the 'weird things' that make up their twin bond

Drew and Jonathan Scott remembered a time when they both felt physical pain in the same spot despite being hundreds of miles apart.
/ Source: TODAY

The identical twin bond is so real for the "Property Brothers" that they sometimes can even feel each other's physical pain.

Jonathan and Drew Scott, the stars of the HGTV hit show, spoke with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on TODAY about their almost spooky twin relationship.

"I know this sounds weird, but back in our college days, I was in a different province (in Canada) than Jonathan, (and) I injured myself playing basketball,'' Drew said. "I had to go for knee surgery, and all of a sudden he had to take four days off from work because his knee was hurting him, and I hadn't told him about (the surgery)."

Not only that, they said the pain was felt in the same knee.

"There's weird things like that through our whole lives that happened,'' Jonathan said.

Usually the bond is more mental than physical.

"Things like all of a sudden the most random thing will pop into my head, and I'll call him,'' Jonathan said. "And he'll say to me before I say to him, 'Hey I was just thinking...' I'm like, 'That's exactly the same thing I was just calling about.'''

The benefits of being twins also extend beyond having a built-in best friend and sharing a wardrobe. It also may help them live longer.

A 2016 study by researchers from the University of Washington found that twins have a better chance at a longer life. Their close bond protects against risky behaviors, provides emotional support during stressful times and promotes healthy behaviors similar to the “marriage protection effect."

The study also found that identical male twins have an edge over fraternal and female twins when it comes to living longer.

A good sense of humor also can't hurt, as Drew showed when talking about the bond with his brother.

"(It will) pop into his head, 'Drew's such a good-looking guy,' and at the same time I have to call him and tell him,'' Drew said.