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Pope Francis criticizes society's 'obsession' with a perfect body

Pope Francis condemned society's "obsession" with body image, saying it leads to people with disabilities being "hidden away" by society.
/ Source: TODAY

Condemning society's "obsession" with having a perfect body, Pope Francis says it also can lead to the marginalization of people who are disabled because they threaten the happiness of "the privileged view."

Speaking in his homily during Mass in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City on Sunday, Francis dedicated the celebration to the disabled community.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis decried people's obsession with having a perfect body, saying it leads to the shunning of the disabled from society.GIORGIO ONORATI / EPA

He also brought several children with disabilities on stage with him and met with disabled adults following the Mass.

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"It is thought that sick or disabled persons cannot be happy, since they cannot live the lifestyle held up by the culture of pleasure and entertainment," Francis said. according to The Associated Press.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis met with a group of disabled people following the Mass and also had some take part in the liturgy.AFP - Getty Images

"In an age when care for one's body has become an obsession and a big business, anything that is imperfect has to be hidden away, since it threatens the happiness and serenity of the privileged few and endangers the dominant model."

A blind woman using braille also read from the Bible during the Mass and disabled people in costume put on a skit of a parable from the Bible. A group of people also translated Francis' words in sign language.

Francis has had a focus on humility and advocating for the disabled and downtrodden during the three years of his papacy. In February, he stopped an event in Mexico City to bless a boy in a wheelchair.

"How many disabled and suffering persons open their hearts to life again as soon as they realize they are loved!" Francis said in Sunday's homily.

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