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PMS care package offers monthly candles, bubble bath, candy for women

Two 19-year-old men are changing the game for every woman's least favorite time of the month — their period.
/ Source: TODAY

Two 19-year-old men are changing the game for every woman’s least favorite time of the month — their period.

Ashton Onesko and Luke Buchy created The PMS Package, a service that sends monthly care packages to women when their period begins. The packages range from $12.99 to $34.99 and are filled with comforting items such as candles, nail polish, snacks, candy and fuzzy socks. Sounds too good to be true, right?

The idea for the PMS Package came from Buchy’s sister Anna, Buchy and Onesko told after the two voiced interest in starting a subscription-based business. Anna suggested the idea of a “comfort package," Onesko said, and the two went into action.

While some may question the validity behind two 19-year-old males running a business that specifically targets women, the business partners say their gender does not stand in the way of their products, or success.

“We were both raised to treat women with respect and kindness and now we are doing this on a large scale,” Onesko told TODAY.

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Onesko and Buchy said they've relied on product research and data collected from various Twitter polls for insight into what their target demographic is seeking, since they do not know what it is like to experience premenstrual syndrome themselves.

“We've heard varying opinions about 19-year-old boys venturing into a business that we may not know a lot about, however, our number one goal is to create a product that women enjoy, and so far our customers think we are getting it right,” Onesko told TODAY.

The packages contain a mixture of useful items — some of which are candy, accessories, makeup, stuffed animals, among other goodies to pamper yourself. Cheryl’s cookies and scented bath bombs seem to be the fan-favorite at the moment, the pair said.

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And the cool thing is, their subscribers are not just women.

“It has been pretty cool to see how many guys have subscribed to the service just to send it to their wife or girlfriend,” Onesko told TODAY.

As for the future of The PMS Package, Onesko said they have some pretty exciting ideas in the works that involve products from local businesses, and handmade items. They hope to grow their business partnerships so they can continue to provide unique and quality comfort items.