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Plaza producer: Why TODAY's #PinkPower event was 'my best day on the job’

Today was my best day on the job.

Every morning I work outside on the plaza surrounded by all of our incredible audience. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t enjoy myself. I love meeting TODAY fans and hearing their stories. Other than Matt Lauer, I think I have the best job at the company.

But today was the best day yet. Nearly a hundred breast cancer survivors and fighters, along with their family and friends, joined us on the TODAY plaza for our series #PinkPower. Getting to know these ladies, I was struck by their upbeat positivity. You would never know the struggles they’ve faced. They’re truly fighters. And they do it all with a smile on their face.

Samantha Okazaki / Today
Breast cancer survivors and supporters show their #PinkPower on the plaza.

Among all the great moments this morning, there was one in particular that really struck me. As we were nearing the start of the show, I was standing on 48th Street with some of the family members. The show was kicking off with a live camera shot of all our survivors and fighters seated on the plaza. As they began to cheer, one of the family members next to me started to cry. I put my arm around her as she told me these were happy tears. She was crying because she was happy for her sister. Happy because, despite the struggle her sister’s been facing, her sister got to have a little fun this morning. Her words and emotions really touched me. How lucky am I that I get to work on a show that recognizes people like Cristy and her sister? And more importantly, how lucky am I that I get to meet strong, inspirational people like the women on our plaza this morning?!

Alex Ficquette / Today
Here I am with Cristy (front right) and her family during TODAY’s #PinkPower event!

To everyone I met today, I want to say thank you. And to all the women who as of this morning were still fighting breast cancer, I look forward to seeing you next year as survivors!