Plastic surgeon shares no-knife secrets to a younger you

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Most of us want to look younger, but not all of us are willing to pay thousands of dollars or go under the knife or needle to get there.  A recent survey by found that 69 percent of people would consider having plastic surgery if money wasn't an issue.  So is there hope for the average person who can't spend $10,000 on a facelift or $4,000 on an eyelid lift? 

Yes, there is. 

Not everyone needs to spend this type of money or undergo invasive procedures to turn back the clock. Here are four of my secrets to looking younger -- without the pain, cost or stress of actual plastic surgery. 

Take the laser home with you. Each year, thousands of people undergo skin-tightening laser treatments. These can range in price from $300 to $3,000 per session, and can result in weeks of burning and redness. But now you can take your plastic surgeon home with you. The Silk'n Face FX ($299) is a new at-home anti-aging device that combines deep heating of the skin with therapeutic red light to tighten the face and diminish wrinkles. It involves no pain or downtime, and is a great treatment to perform on yourself while watching "The Voice."

Enhance your lips but avoid the needle. It's not just the Real Housewives who are puffing up their lips. Women of all ages (and even some men) are having their pouts plumped. Unfortunately, lip injections can be painful and expensive, costing upwards of $500 to $1,000.  But this isn't the only way to inflate your kisser. Several over-the-counter topical lip plumpers claim to maximally enhance your pout and minimally shrink your wallet. One of the best of these is Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss ($15). It utilizes powerful moisturizers to puff up your lips, all while avoiding the Trout Pout look.

Stop feeling bad about your neck. One of the most hated signs of aging is a droopy neck. For decades it's been known that a bona-fide facelift ($10,000) is the only permanent, effective treatment for a sagging neckline. This fact is still true.  But for those who don't want to go under the knife, the Facelift Bungee ($24.99) may be a viable alternative. It uses tiny braids and a pair of specially designed combs to lift the face and neck. The device can be worn all day and is hidden in the hair. While friends may wonder whether you've had a facelift, only you (and maybe your hairdresser) will know for sure.

Trade a brow lift for a brow wax. As we age, our eyebrows droop, causing us to look grumpy. Traditionally, this might be improved with a two hour surgical browlift. While effective, many people who consider this $5,000 surgery could look just as good with a $30 brow wax. The key is to instruct your aesthetician to remove the hairs on the undersurface of the eyebrow. This opens up the space above your eyelids, making you look more alert and refreshed. Just make sure she doesn't remove too much. Sometimes eyebrows don't grow back!

Dr. Anthony Youn is a board-certified plastic surgeon and frequent contributor. You can read more of Dr. Youn's plastic surgery tips and tricks by visiting his blog at    

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