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Photographer Marcos Alberti captures friends after 1, 2 and 3 glasses of wine

/ Source: TODAY

After three glasses of wine, we're not sure we'd want cameras anywhere near us.

But friends of photographer Marcos Alberti were more than willing to partake in wine-induced portraits through his "3 Glasses" project. As imgur user minabear recently shared with the world, the project shows a few of the photographer's friends sober, then again after one, then two, and finally three glasses of wine.

See how people's expression changes after just a couple of glasses of wine.

Alberti explains the process of the shoot on his website, stating that the project "started as a joke" but that it's "a serious work with a good humorous vibe."

Marcos Alberti

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"The first picture was taken right away when our guests [had] just arrived at the studio in order to capture the stress and the fatigue after a full day after working all day long and from also facing rush hour traffic to get here," he writes. "Only then fun time and my project could begin.

"People from all walks of life, music, art, fashion, dance, architecture, advertising got together for a couple of nights and by the end of the third glass several smiles emerged and many stories were told."