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How Pete Davidson accidentally helped Alec Baldwin lose weight

"He lost like, 100 pounds. And he says it’s all because of me.”
/ Source: Today

Alec Baldwin has "Saturday Night Live" star Pete Davidson to thank for his weight-loss transformation.

On Tuesday’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Davidson, 27, revealed that he unintentionally inspired the 63-year-old actor to get in shape.

“I was on set and Alec was hosting and it was a sketch where I had to be shirtless. And, you know, I guess I’m a little bit cut or whatever,” Davidson explained. “So he came up to me and he was like, ‘What do you do?’ And I didn’t want to be rude and say, ‘I just still have a metabolism. I’m not in my mid-50s.’ So to make him feel better, I said, ‘Oh man, I do 100 pushups and 100 sit-ups every day.’”

Soon after their chat, Baldwin began making regular appearances on “SNL,” playing former President Donald Trump.

“Every time I’d run into him in the hall, he’d be like, ‘100 a day!’” Davison recalled. “And he started to do it and he lost like, 100 pounds. And he says it’s all because of me.”

Pete Davidson, Alec Baldwin
Pete Davidson and host Alec Baldwin during a "Saturday Night Live" monologue in 2017.NBC

Baldwin confirmed the story during a 2019 appearance on “The Howard Stern Show.”

“Pete Davidson said, ‘Do 100 pushups a day, every day.’ And I do it now,’” the three-time Emmy winner said. “I do more. I do like 125, 150. You build up.”

After Baldwin was diagnosed as pre-diabetic in 2012; he lost a considerable amount of weight by cutting back on sugar.

The actor’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, wrote in her 2016 book “The Living Clearly Method,” that her husband's health scare “was an alarming wake-up call that rocked him to the core.”

“This episode completely changed his relationship to eating,” Hilaria told People magazine about that time. “By hitting a crisis point, he gained a new perspective on some of the unhelpful habits that became his normal without realizing it.”