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Rut Busters! Try this week's workout with Erica Lugo

The Rut Busters plan is designed to keep you on track and motivated toward accomplishing your goals. Check out this week's workout!

The No. 1 tip to help you accomplish your goals? Creating a plan. As a personal trainer, I help my clients create realistic fitness plans — and with the Rut Buster challenge, I'm doing the same for you.

Here is a simple, beginner-friendly weekly workout plan. Modify as you need to and take it at your own pace. The most important part is simply showing up. Let's get started!


AMRAP (As many rounds as possible): Set a timer for 3 minutes. Each set below, I want you to work non stop for 3 minutes trying to complete as many rounds as possible. Once you are done with the 3 minutes, I want you to rest for 2 minutes before moving on to the next one.

Circuit 1:

  • Jumping jacks (12)
  • Bodyweight squats (10)
  • Incline pushups (5)

Circuit 2:

  • Butt kickers (12)
  • Reverse lunges (10)
  • Hammer curls (5)

Circuit 3:

  • High knees (12)
  • Calf raises (10)
  • Presses (5)


Active recovery, find time to swim, hike, stretch or do yoga.


Walk for 30 minutes.


Repeat each circuit three times.

Circuit 1:

  • Upright row (touch under chin, 8)
  • Shoulder press (8)

Circuit 2:

  • Side raises (8)
  • Front raises (8)

Circuit 3:

  • Bent-over flys (10)
  • Alternating presses (20 total)

Cool down: Walk for 10 minutes.


Repeat each circuit three times.

Circuit 1:

  • Dumbbell deadlift (10)
  • Sumo squat (12)
  • Football shuffle (30 seconds)

Circuit 2:

  • Front squat (8)
  • Tap outs (15 each side)
  • Modified plyo jumps (30 seconds)

Finish the workout by taking a 20-minute walk.


Take a 45-minute walk.


Rest day.

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