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Our parents are doing what?? The story behind this cute viral photo

A kiss is just a kiss – except when it’s the parents doing the kissing and their kids are watching. Can there be an “eewwww” far behind?

This cute photo, which appears to show two girls so grossed out by their mom and dad’s embrace that they’re crying their eyes out, is getting lots of laughs online. But all is not as it seems, so here’s the story behind the viral picture.

Sergio and Mandy Carbajal kiss as their twin daughters react.

That’s Sergio and Mandy Carbajal of Amarillo, Texas, smooching romantically while their twin daughters seem to be in danger of being scarred for life by the public display of affection.

The photo session in June was a surprise Father’s Day gift for Sergio, he told TODAY Parents in an email. And the girls – 2-year old Elinor and Evelyn – are showing off their acting skills for family friend and photographer, David Williams.

“The girls weren’t crying in the photo. Our photographer asked the girls to cover their eyes while we kissed,” Carbajal explained. “Simply put, our girls did as he asked, adding a little of their own dramatic flair to it.”

The quirky photo has since become not only their favorite, but an online sensation as well after a family member posted it online.

“I loved it,” Carbajal said. “It will always be a photo we’ll treasure.”

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