Too old for girls' night out? Not this lady!

/ Source: TODAY

18-year-old Mahri Smith and her friends were visiting the ladies' room on a girls' night out when they made an unexpected new friend.

The Ottowa, Canada-based trio had been visiting a nearby casino and nightclub when they decided to stop into the restroom to freshen up and take some mirror selfies.

When an older woman walked into the bathroom she loved seeing the group all dressed up and having fun. "She was totally embracing the fact that we were having our girls' night out," Smith told TODAY.

She offered to take the girls photos for them, but instead they invited her to get in on the action.

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Smith tweeted the photos saying, "This lady in the washroom looking at me said, 'I remember when my girlfriends and I wold get dressed up and go out I miss that.' So I said why miss it, we're all out right now aren't we? Story short we have a new friends."

Her tweet has since gotten over 250,000 likes and the teenager has gotten plenty of touching responses online. Most were surprised that in spite of the generation gap, the women shared a genuine connection.

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The girls never caught the older woman's name but Smith said, "I think [she and her husband] were just having a fun night out at a casino and so were we."

And the good news is they've got the fun pictures to prove it!