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Nutritionist weighs in on 9 popular sparkling waters

Sparkling waters are everywhere these days. Learn which ones aren't worth the extra calories or added sugars.
/ Source: TODAY

Do bubbles help you drink up and get in your H2O for the day? For me, bubbles can help throw back some good ole hydration. But not all fizzy water is equal and you can’t assume all varieties on store shelves are simply water plus gas.

I broke down the most popular flavored fizzy waters for you to make your thirst quenching ventures a little bit more simple:

1. Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer Water

This bev simply contains carbonated water and some natural flavors, with no added sugars. Add this to the list of grab-and-go drinks for when your thirst hits.

To note: According to the FDA, natural flavor pertains to natural essence or oils from a variety of spices, fruits, vegetables and other plants and foods. This definition is a broad umbrella that covers a spectrum of potential ingredients. Translation, we’re never 100 percent sure what those natural flavors are.

2. LaCroix

Another sparkling water with zero added sugar and sourced and produced across the U.S. We’re into it. The only two ingredients listed on the label are carbonated water and natural flavors (see above). LaCroix’s website informs us its natural flavors are "natural essence oils extracted from the named fruit used in each of our LaCroix flavors." Thanks for the 4-1-1 LaCroix, you’re a fave.

3. Perrier Sparkling

Perrier uses a natural sparkling mineral water (water found in nature with some dissolved salts, and in this case, 40 mg calcium per 8 ounces). The ingredient list reads: natural sparkling mineral water and natural flavor signifying the flavor of the chosen can. Perrier is a French brand that opened its doors to sparkling water 150 years ago and people have been enjoying it ever since. You could say it’s the crème de la crème. No negatives to note here.

4. Poland Spring Sparkling Water

A sparkling water from the brand that famously sources its water from the natural springs of Maine. Poland Spring’s ingredient list boasts spring water, natural flavors and CO2 (to create the effervescence). I can taste that bubbly satisfaction already, and it's pure.

5. Polar Seltzer

This line of seltzer is famous for having new, fun flavors to enjoy each season. The two ingredients are simply carbonated water and natural flavors (with no added sugar or sweeteners.) You can feel good sipping their year-round flavors like orange vanilla and Granny Smith apple while you wait patiently for next season’s new releases.

6. San Pellegrino Fruit Beverage

A sparkling Italian beverage made with the real fruit juice (from concentrate) of the flavor listed on the can. However, this is not meant to be enjoyed as a low-calorie refreshment. At 150 calories and 33 grams of sugar a pop, it’s no wonder that the ingredients include added sugar and natural flavors, in addition to fruit juice. While it’s a more natural alternative to traditional soda, it’s not meant to be imbibed every afternoon in replacement of your straight-up water.

7. Schweppes Sparkling Water

Labeled as all natural and unsweetened, this sparkling beverage includes carbonated water and natural flavors. Similar to the other sparkling waters listed above, this one’s a go.

8. Sparkling ICE

Sweetened with sucralose (a non-nutritive artificial sweetener which gets a thumbs down), other ingredients include juice concentrate, green tea extract (no caffeine) and 30 mg (per 8 ounces) of potassium used as a preservative. Another reason to leave on the shelf? Artificial colors.

9. SpinDrift

The tagline reads "real fruit tastes better" based on the fact that their beverage contains only sparkling water and real fruit juice. Flavor and color comes from plants (such as hibiscus) and fruit puree (such as blackberry or mango) and you won’t find any artificial ingredients or added sugars in these pretty cans. Each can will cost you up to 15 calories. A small price to pay for a refreshing (and truly natural) bubbly beverage.

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