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How to cut hundreds of calories every day without even trying

by Jenna Wolfe /  / Updated 

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TODAY lifestyle and fitness correspondent Jenna Wolfe is helping you get serious about getting in shape with this series, #NoExcusesTODAY. Sign up for her weekly newsletter for more workout tips, diet advice, and words of motivation to help you stay on track.

This installment of #NoExcusesTODAY is about all the extra calories we can consume, and how, without knowing it, you can pack on at least half a pound a day.

You know the scenario — you proudly resist the bread basket, order the grilled chicken, and opt for fruit salad instead of cake for dessert...but then steal a bite of your dining companion's banana cream pie, just for a taste.

Or how many times have you walked past your coworker's desk and grabbed a handful of M&Ms, or a Hershey's Kiss or two? Or finished the French fries or fish sticks on your kids' plates? Turns out, those teeny nibbles can really add up.

Here's how you can save hundreds of calories every day, just by changing small habits:

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Let's say you've overindulged with a snack here and a bit there? Try this at-home workout to blast calories.

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