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Nosebleeds: When does one warrant a trip to the doctor?

Nosebleeds can be scary for kids, but when do they warrant a trip to the doctor?
/ Source: TODAY

As the temperatures drop and the air becomes colder and more dry, more people may experience nosebleeds. Sure, they're annoying, but are they dangerous? When should a nosebleed warrant a trip to the doctor?

Though they can be scary for kids, most of the time nosebleeds are harmless and can be treated at home.

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Dr. Natalie Azar, NBC news correspondent, shared tips for what you can do to stop a nosebleed:

  • Sit upright and lean forward
  • Pinch both nostrils with your thumb and index finger for five to 10 minutes

If you get a nosebleed more than once a week, or it's bleeding so heavily that it's hard to stop, you should visit a doctor. It could be a sign of high blood pressure or a clotting disorder.

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