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Nike's recent sports bra ad on Instagram receives 'body positive' praise online

A Nike sports bra ad posted on the company's Instagram account is generating widespread praise online.
/ Source: TODAY

A post about how to find the proper fit for an athletic bra has set Nike's Instagram account on fire.

The post, titled "Welcome to Sports Bra 101," features a photo of a curvy model stretching her arms while wearing only a sports bra on top.

Commenters praised the brand for featuring a plus-size model on the account, which typically features slender types.

“Thank you Nike for demonstrating, without pretense, that women who lead active lifestyles come in all shapes and sizes,” one person wrote about the post, which received more than 70,300 likes and generated more than 1,300 comments since it was posted late last week.

Others praised the “body positivity” demonstrated by the picture, noting they could totally relate to the model.

“That actually looks like me,” one person wrote.

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“I’ve never seen anyone that looked like me in a major athletic advert, until now. Thank you Nike,” said another.

Others expressed hope that the post would mean that Nike would soon be expanding its bra sizes, which currently run to XL.

Nike responded to people’s comments, encouraging followers to “keep the feedback coming” and that it was paying attention to their suggestions.

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"We hear you, and we'll be sure to let our team know your thoughts," it wrote.

The company posted more advice about proper bra sizing a few days later featuring another curvy model, prompting similar response.

“Normalising all body types is a huge step for a company like yours,” one person said.