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Nick Cordero's wife shares 'exciting' health update: 'This is such a blessing'

Amanda Kloots delivered to her Instagram followers what she described as the "best news ever."
/ Source: TODAY

Broadway star Nick Cordero's condition from COVID-19 is continuing to improve with the actor now starting to respond to doctors' commands, his wife, Amanda Kloots, said Monday.

"We just got another update on Nick from the hospital and the doctor has confirmed that Nick is starting to follow commands. Huge, big, huge deal," Kloots said in a selfie video in her Instagram story. "He is very, very, very weak still so it is very slow progress when they ask him to do things, but you can see he is trying, which is awesome."

Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots attend the "Going in Style" New York premiere
Amanda Kloots called the news that husband Nick Cordero was following doctors' commands "a blessing." Getty Images

"This is such a blessing, I can't even tell you," said Kloots. "We did a big cheer because we've been waiting for at least this little momentum. It's just so exciting."

The fitness trainer, who shares an 11-month-old son, Elvis, with Cordero, stressed that the Tony-nominated actor, 41, has a long way to go in his recovery.

"We are still concerned about a couple of things. He still has a lot of infection in his lungs that they are clearing out every single day. ... They are just getting in there every day and sweeping these lungs, cleaning the infection out so that he stays clear, which is great," she explained, adding, "But he hasn't had a (new) infection, knock on wood. They're keeping that under control."

The next "long-term big goals" are to move Cordero off of dialysis and off of a ventilator, Kloots said before celebrating Monday's positive update again.

"For today, to receive this news that the doctor witnessed him trying to follow commands — it's just the best news ever. Best news ever. Yay!" she gushed.

The upbeat medical news comes just a day after Kloots revealed she was able to communicate with Cordero on a video call on Mother's Day. "I just did a little FaceTime with Nick and some really great positive little things but I asked him to look up, and he did! And I asked him to look down and he did! That was a fantastic Mother's Day gift to start my day off with," she said in her Instagram story, according to E! News.

Kloots felt "super positive" about the milestone moment because it demonstrated that Cordero might soon start "following commands, which would be huge," she said.

Kloots revealed last week that Cordero was starting to wake from the medically induced coma doctors at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles placed him in in April.

"The doctor just called and said that Nick is showing very, very, very early, early, early signs of stages of tracking," she said in her Instagram story. "He is starting to wake up. This is huge."

Kloots first shared that her husband was ill on Instagram on April 1. Since then, she's shared details about his treatments and many setbacks. In late April, she revealed that the actor's lungs were "severely damaged" to the point where they "look almost like he’s been a smoker for 50 years." Less than two weeks prior to that, Cordero had to have his leg amputated due to blood clotting from his condition.

"It came down to a point where honestly it was life or leg, and we had to choose life,'' Kloots told TODAY. "I choose life."