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News anchor and mom-to-be responds after body-shamer calls her 'disgusting'

Laura Warren, an anchor in Augusta, Georgia who is expecting her first baby, shared her thoughts on body-shaming after a viewer called her appearance "disgusting."
/ Source: TODAY

A news anchor and mom-to-be took to her blog to reflect and share thoughts on body-shaming after a viewer attacked her in a voicemail, calling her appearance "disgusting."

Laura Warren, an anchor for WRDW-TV in Augusta, Georgia, is expecting a baby boy in November, and she created a blog called "Bump, Baby, and Breaking News" to document the ups and downs of her pregnancy journey.

On July 4, she shared a troubling story about a viewer who left her a scathing voicemail the day before.

"Please go to Target and buy some decent maternity clothes so you don't walk around looking like you got a watermelon strapped under your too tight outfits," the woman said in the message, which Warren posted on YouTube.

"You're getting to be where you're disgusting on the TV," she hissed.

In her post, Warren, who anchors the 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts, wrote that she is usually a "thick-skinned journalist" and typically wouldn't give a mean comment any thought. But this one stung the 20-weeks-along anchor.

Pregnancy is "already one of the most emotional, insecure times of your life," and she's felt particularly vulnerable lately since she suffered a miscarriage at 18 weeks in October 2016.

"This is our rainbow baby, and we are so thankful and thrilled!" Warren, 27, told TODAY in an email. "I think the idea of someone trying to cloud that happiness just really struck a nerve."

"Some say, don't take it so personally, but it's my career. It's my passion. It's my blood, sweat and tears," she said. "I'm human, too, and I think sometimes people see on-air personalities every day and forget that we have lives outside of this job. We have families and we have feelings, too.

"I don't think anyone would appreciate being called 'disgusting,'" she said.

But since sharing the story, Warren said she's received an outpouring of support from fans and viewers.

"Don't be hiding that belly behind your arms or huge maternity clothes," one Facebook commenter said. "Enjoy this time! You are gorgeous."

"You look great," another added. "Just remember, you have a lot of positive people who back you. Keep being you and we can't wait to see the baby!"

Warren said she think her story struck a nerve because so many people "have felt these same insecurities, and not just women."

"Husbands, fathers, friends of women who have been pregnant (have all) received some sort of criticism about their looks," she said.

News anchors and TV personalities are frequent targets of online vitriol.

In June, meteorologist Carrie Duncan of WLOX in southern Mississippi spoke out on Facebook after a viewer called her "repulsive."

Telemundo morning show host Adamari López also recently took to social media to say she wouldn't be bothered by trolls after Instagram commenters criticized a photo of her and her partner lounging at the beach.

“I think that when people criticize, they criticize themselves more," Lopez said.

Warren said that most people have told her to ignore the mean comment and continue to be herself — advice she agrees with.

"I wanted this to be a reminder that your words have such power," she said. "Use them for good."