Watch this mom with ALS take Ice Bucket Challenge: 'It was beautiful'

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By Meena Hart Duerson

If you thought Bill Gates had the best Ice Bucket Challenge video out there, think again: Rosemary Lambert's giving him a run for his money.

The mom of four, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2013, took the challenge last week, surrounded by her friends, family, and those in her community of Muskegon, Michigan. "I don’t think anybody thought to include me in the actual challenge, so I volunteered," she wrote on her blog, where she has chronicled her life since the diagnosis.

Watch: Mom with ALS takes Ice Bucket Challenge

After the rest of the group had doused themselves with icy water in support of Rosemary, her husband helped her stand up from her wheelchair, and family members dumped cold water over their heads. "It was beautiful," she wrote.

Rosemary Lambert with her family. "We had these family photos taken shortly after my mom was diagnosed because she was getting weaker pretty quickly and we didn't know how much time we'd have with her," says her son Corey.Today

Since her diagnosis a year and a half ago, Lambert's health has weakened rapidly. Now wheelchair-bound, she has lost much of her ability to walk, talk, hold her head up, and even swallow. She writes her blog "Love Simple, Love Like Crazy" with the help of her son, Corey, and they say it's been incredible to watch the Ice Bucket Challenge spread across the Internet, raising so much awareness for her condition.

See how much money the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised for ALS

"It's amazing to see so much support for a disease that we knew very little about before our mom was diagnosed, but that feels very personal to us now," Corey Lambert told "We know how much it has affected our lives and how helpless we've felt through it all, so it's comforting to know that this money could make it easier on ALS patients and their families in the future."

Rosemary and Mark Lambert.Today

Corey says his mom didn't think twice about taking part in the challenge, joining the ranks of those like Matt Lauer, Martha Stewart, Carson Daly and Adam Levine, who have also gotten drenched for charity.

Watch: TODAY takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

"She was so excited to do the challenge and she laughed throughout the whole thing," Corey said. "While they were filling the ice buckets, my sister asked my mom if she wanted to participate and she nodded yes with a really silly grin on her face. They talked about covering her wheelchair in garbage bags to keep it dry, but my mom insisted on standing up and getting doused with my dad."

The Lamberts with their grandsons, Cole and Peyton.Today

The Lamberts say they're thankful for the money the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised so far, and the dialogue it's started about ALS.

"She does think it's making a difference," Corey said of how his mom feels about the massive popularity of the movement. "Immediately after posting about the Ice Bucket Challenge on her blog today, she got a text from a family member asking who to make a check out to."

"It's wonderful if it helps anybody," Rosemary reiterated, "but hopefully it'll help many."