Love Your Body

Meet couples who embrace their wrinkles

In a culture obsessed with staying forever young, people often turn to plastic surgery, hair dye and makeup to preserve their youth. As a part of the “Love Your Selfie” series, the TODAY show talked to two couples who have embraced their aging instead of trying to hide it.

Though movies, television, social media and the internet tend to idealize a youthful appearance, Mernel Treacy says she’s always felt comfortable with her looks. In fact, even more so after she turned 50.

“I’m proud of my wrinkles and my laugh lines and my crow feet,” she says. “It’s part of who I am. Every line is a part of my life.”

"Every line is a part of my life," said Mernel Treacy, seen here with her husband, Michael.

Her husband Mike agrees with her. “She was good-looking 42 years ago and she still is.”

Thelma Kandel doesn’t try to fight getting older and just lets nature take its course.

“I like my gray hair. It’s low maintenance and I think it’s becoming,” she says. “And I like getting seats on the bus and train.”

“Well, she still is my bride and she may have a wrinkle or two more than she had then, but after all my eyesight isn’t as good as it was then. And isn’t it someone who said love is blind?” her husband Myron says.

Both couples suggest you should embrace your age and revel in being around to experience it.

“You’re as old as you feel. If you think you’re old, you’re going to be old,” Mernel says. “Enjoy everything life has to offer.”

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