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Meet the 85-year-old pole vaulter breaking records

There's very little Flo Filion Meiler can't do.
/ Source: TODAY

Senior citizens continue to show they can live life on the run.

Flo Filion Meiler, 85, is a track and field athlete who competes in various events, including pole vault, an event that caught her interest after she retired at 65.

85-year-old pole vaulter
Flo Filion Meiler practices the pole vault.TODAY

“I did see some ladies doing the pole vault. And they weren't going very high. And I said to myself, ‘Wow, that looks like it could be very challenging. I want to try that,’” Meiler told the 3rd hour of TODAY.

The octogenarian, who trains between five and six times a week, also competes in other events such as high jump, long jump, triple jump, hurdles, hammer, weight throw, javelin and discus.

85-year-old pole vaulter
There is no hurdle on the track that Meiler can't overcome.TODAY

The Vermont resident travels quite a bit, whether she’s competing around the country or around the globe. Last March, she brought home five gold medals and a pair of silver medals at the World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor in Poland. Oh, and did we mention she set a world record in the 4X200 relay?

“Our 80-year-old group zapped the other record by more than a minute,” she said.

Meiler is quick to point out that her husband, Gene, is one of her biggest cheerleaders by documenting her accomplishments.

“He is so proud of me,” she said. “He has put together over 14 albums for me and he keeps track on how many records I do, how many medals I have.”

85-year-old pole vaulter
Meiler shows off a few of the many medals she has won.TODAY

“She does everything. I mean it's incredible,” he said.

Does Meiler think she’ll slow down anytime soon since she recently turned 85? Don’t bet on it.

“Usually people don't like to admit their age, but I really love to see 85 because I will be at the bottom of the 85-to-89 bracket. And that gives me an opportunity to break more records,” she said.

85-year-old pole vaulter
Meiler may be all business on the track, but she's all smiles off of it.TODAY

In fact, she’s even thinking of the future.

“If the good Lord gives me my health maybe I'll keep going until 100,” she said.