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7 signs your marriage will last

How do you know if you're in a good relationship? Here are some key clues.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

The old adage says, "Happy wife, happy life." It takes two to tango, so if the wife is happy, the hubs must be doing many things right! How do you know if you're in a good relationship or marriage that will last? Here are seven signs that say you are going to stay on happiness island for a good long time:

1. You're best friends.

Your partner is the one you want to call when things are awesome or awful. You have no real secrets because you trust each other implicitly.

2. You enjoy spending time together.

You just enjoy each other. You can be engaged in a fiery debate over healthcare, playing a fierce game of rummy, or just sitting in happy silence on a long road trip, listening to the oldies station on Pandora.

3. You have each other’s backs.

You know your spouse thinks the world of you and would go to the ends of the Earth to protect you. This could be with your in-laws, your grown children, the neighbors or even when you want to complain about your boss. He takes your side and it feels good.

4. You can be honest.

When something isn't working for you, you feel safe talking about your feelings and know that it'll be resolved one way or another. You're not afraid to be vulnerable because you feel safe.

5. The relationship is easy.

I ask our newly minted couples at my Smart Dating Academy to describe how their relationships are going. When I hear them say, "It's just easy!" I know they're headed to the altar. You're in a good marriage if it's relatively easy. That doesn't mean there's no conflict — it means that you can resolve it pretty easily. All good relationships require work, but it's not the arduous type of work.

6. You want the best for each other.

If your spouse's dream job falls into his lap, you urge him to take it because you know he needs to do this (even if he can't attend all the kids' baseball games). He wants you to have a girls’ night out with your besties, with wine, because he knows that makes you happy — and he'll take care of the little ones while you're whooping it up a bit!

7. You still think he's the cutest person in the room.

When you look at him, you feel a sense of comfort and happiness. And a little jolt of electricity because you think he’s adorable.

If you nodded your head “yes” to most of these, you should be in the clear! Squeeze your honey a little tighter today, tell him how great he is and hold on to what you've got!

Dating coach Bela Gandhi is the founder and president of Smart Dating Academy.