Inside a marriage 'retreat': 3 'R' words that can help repair a marriage

/ Source: TODAY

At this boot camp, there are no military-type drills. But there are methods that help people become stronger.

Marriage boot camps are intensive ways to patch up troubled marriages. They provide as much discomfort as a high-energy workout, but in these scenarios, the emotions do the heavy lifting.

“This is not therapy. This is an experimental, interactive program that is going to cause you to get uncomfortable,” said Tina Konkin, founder of Couples Retreat.

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She claims a success rate over more than 80 percent over the past 20-plus years when it comes to repairing marriages. The camp focuses on the “R-3 Factor,” which stands for: reveal, rewrite and renew.

“The reveal is really recognizing that you can’t change or heal what you don’t first reveal. The rewrite is seeing it from different glasses. And renew, simply put, is making it better than it was before,” she said.

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As part of the camp, Konkin expects the couples to examine their personal history and see how it impacts their current relationship. They also rate their relationship and write their own eulogy and have their partner read it. Additionally, they look into each other’s eyes without speaking. These methods are intended to get the relationships back on track.

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