Love Your Selfie: TODAY anchors open up about their body imperfections

Matt Lauer
Matt LauerToday

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Too often we all get caught up with negative feelings about the way we look. And TODAY anchors are no exception. For this week's "Love Your Selfie" series, they bare their own insecurities about the way they look, their growing pains and what beauty means to them.  

Matt LauerToday

Matt Lauer: My body? I have the exact body my dad had.

At times when I was a young kid, a lack of weight was an issue. And I was skinny, not just thin, I was skinny.

The hair thing bothered me for a short period of time. I had people who used to make jokes of me from behind, 'Well you can always pick Matt out. That's Matt out there, the one with the bald spot.'

I think if you have something about yourself you find unsatisfactory you've got to either deal with it or get over it. So I woke up one day and said, 'Let's cut it off.' I think it's the healthiest thing I've ever done, in terms of my appearance.

When it comes right down to it, we are what we are inside and I tend to concentrate on that.

Savannah GuthrieToday

Savannah Guthrie: My body? My body is healthy, thankfully.

When I was younger I didn't like that I was so tall. I actually tried to drink coffee cause I had heard it stunts your growth. Obviously, that didn't work out so well for me, but I have a lifelong coffee addiction.

I think I'm like every woman in America who has things that they don't love about their body. There are lots of things that we're never going to love about ourselves. And who are we kidding, we can pretend all day long that you know we like that we have cellulite. I'm never going to like that, but you know what? I try not to wear a bathing suit in public. That's my gift to America.

It's funny now I like my height. I tower over everybody all the time on the TODAY show and I just go with it.

When I think of beauty, I think of what's behind the eyes. Something that is exuded from the heart and from the soul. 

Al RokerToday

Al Roker: My body? Average.

Weight is a big issue and I always have been heavy and as I got older I got heavier.

When I think of beauty, I think of my wife.

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Natalie MoralesToday

Natalie Morales: My body? Strong and healthy

When I was growing up, I had a serious case of buck teeth. My smile was something, I think, I was always insecure about.

After you've had two C-sections, some things just don't go back the way they should have been. So I gotta little pooch sometimes. I still birthed two beautiful, happy, healthy children and that's what this body gave me, so I'm thankful.

Willie GeistToday

Willie Geist: My body? I have a forehead you could show a drive-in movie on. 

I was a tall scrawny kid. when I hit puberty I looked exactly like Anthony Michael Hall in "Sixteen Candles." 

I think you reach a certain age and you say... this is the body I have, let's make the most of it; let's have fun with it. Let's play some basketball. Let's play some football. 

At the end of the day, I'm probably right about the right height — 6' 4" is a good height where you're tall, but not too tall.

Carson DalyToday

Carson Daly: My body? Sub-par. 

When I was growing up, I had a big head. In high school they called me jughead.

I don't really think too much about myself. I know it's a real selfie world, right? I try and focus on the beauty in other people.

Tamron Hall.Today

Tamron Hall: My body? Sporty. 

As a kid, I wore braces for six years. Kids would always say big teeth or rabbit teeth.

It was not a magazine that formed my opinion of myself, it was what my mother told me... it's what my aunts told me. We all have something [we don't like about ourselves] but why focus on it?

My favorite body part? My hands. I have my mother's hands. My nephew says, 'You have grandma's hands' and it just touched my heart and it's become my favorite part of my body.

Hoda KotbToday

Hoda Kotb: My body? It’s OK. It’s not good, and it’s not terrible. It’s fine.

I was the kid with the crazy frizzy hair. The stop sign glasses and the weird name. Like, it's the trifecta of woof.

I was heavy and then I lost weight but I don't ever feel like the girl who lost weight.

Beauty is inside out. It's when your eyes light up and when you give off joy. To me you look at someone and you go, that's beautiful.

Kathie Lee GiffordToday

Kathie Lee Gifford: My body? Aging!
We had something in our family we called them "woogies." Woogies is that little place right at the top of the thighs . You got a little too much on there to love, ya know.
If you would have asked me this before I had my children I would have said my thighs but since two C- sections, my stomach.

My favorite body part? I have nice ears, nice and close to the head. Never caused me a problem in my life. Great ears.

All week, TODAY will be exploring our complicated attitudes about body image, hoping to help you change the way you see yourself. Everyone from Cameron Diaz to Michelle Obama will weigh in. Follow the series at Love Your Selfie

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