Gross! Lots of bacteria found on new swimsuits

As if trying on a swimsuit in a cramped dressing room under bad lighting in front of a mirror that must be adding pounds and cellulite to every inch of your body isn't bad enough — now we have to worry about germs.

The removable liner in women's swimsuits that is meant to protect the fabric from our cooties isn't really protective after all, according to a microbe researcher

But before you freak out even more about trying on a bathing suit, most of the common bacteria don't pose any risk. 

If you're still worried about bacteria, simply wear your own underwear while trying on a swimsuit. You can't say nobody warned you! 

While we're on the subject of germs — basically everything in our lives seems to be covered in poop or some kind of microbe: our cell phones; the kitchen sink; shopping cart handles; and, especially, the remote control in hotel rooms. It's amazing we aren't constantly sick. But except for the very young, very old or people with compromised immune systems, our bodies are very good at fighting infection. And remember, it is possible to be too clean

For those of you who cover toilet seats with a paper liner, sorry, but you're wasting your time. The bacteria often found on toilet seats are common skin microbes that most people already have, so they pose little risk, according to experts.