Burn fat fast with Jenna's 10-minute cardio workout

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By Jenna Wolfe

If you think you need at least a half hour of cardio to make it worth your while, I have good news. You can get just as good a work out (maybe even better) with just 10 minutes.  

This does not mean it'll be easy. In fact, you'll need to work extra hard the entire 10 minutes, but it will be worth it. Studies show that short, intense workouts help boost calorie burning long after you're finished working out. 

My favorite 10-minute cardio workout is called a reverse pyramid. Each exercise should only take you 1 minute to complete (whether it’s 100 jogs or 10 burpies—the exercises decrease in reps but increase in difficulty). Oh, did I mention, no resting between exercises! You need to make each of those 10 minutes count.


100 jogs in place 

90 jumping jacks

80 butt kickers (Jog in place but strive for your heels to touch your butt)

70 high knees (Jog in place, bringing knees up as high as you can with each steps. Can you make your thighs parallel to the floor?)

60 mountain climbers (Start in a push-up position and alternately bring each knee toward your chin—it’s like you’re running in place, but doing a push up at the same time)

50 fast upper cuts with 3 lb or 5 lb weights (Start with elbows in line with the hip and your fists up in front of your face. Swing hip forward as you punch upward. Return and repeat with other side.)

40 squats 

30 alternating bike kicks (Start in a sit up position with hands behind your head. Bring your left knee toward your chest as you simultaneously crunch up and try to touch your right elbow to that knee. Quickly reverse, alternating left elbow to right knee. Release back to sit-up position. Repeat.)

20 push ups 

10 burpies (Squat down until your hands touch the floor, jump your legs back so you are in a push-up position, then jump legs back to your hands and jump up high.)

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