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Little girl shows off new pink prosthetic leg, gets adorable reaction from friends

A 7-year-old British girl named Anu got a big reaction from classmates when she showed off her new pink prosthetic leg at school.
/ Source: TODAY

Every kid likes to have a cool new thing to show off at school.

For a 7-year-old British girl named Anu, that meant letting her classmates marvel at her awesome new prosthetic leg.

Not only is it a blade prosthetic that will help her play sports, it's also in her favorite color — pink.

In an adorable video captured by BBC, a classmate at the school in Birmingham gives Anu a big hug after she proudly saunters onto the playground with the new leg.

"Wow!" one cries out.

"Is that your new pink leg?" another girl asks.

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The girls then immediately test out the prosthetic by running around and holding hands.

Anu had her leg amputated shortly after birth and has been using a prosthetic her entire life, according to BBC.

Anu was able to get the new prosthetic thanks to a National Health Service program in England that allocated $1.9 million to give 500 children running blades so that they can compete in sports, The Telegraph reported.

The blades cost between $2,500 and $6,500 and have to be changed every 2-3 years.

For Anu, the custom prosthetic not only makes her a sensation at school, it also provides her with greater mobility more suited to athletics.

"It makes me run faster and do my street dancing faster,'' Anu told BBC Midland Today.

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