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Hear him roar: Watch this lion interrupt a PSA to have his own say

South African animal expert Kevin Richardson wanted to raise awareness about lions' shrinking wild habitats. But his large feline friend preferred to have the lion's share of the conversation.

VIDEO: Watch as a lion interrupts a wildlife expert's PSA

Richardson, whose intimate bond with these large, African cats has earned him the nickname "Lion Whisperer," was recording a public service announcement for World Lion Day on Aug. 10 when his 17-year-old male lion friend, Tau, cut him off and began to roar for the next 40 seconds of the video. 

After waiting for the Tau, whom he's known since he was just a cub, to have his say, Richardson attempts to continue the PSA. But Tau is already tired of all the talking, and gives his human companion a playful nudge before rolling onto the ground — and getting a laugh out of Richardson, too.