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Lin-Manuel Miranda reveals he has shingles (and is quarantined from baby son)

The creator and star of "Hamilton" tweeted Thursday that he's developed shingles, and since he has a small baby in the household, he can't be near the child.
/ Source: TODAY

Any news that emerges about Lin-Manuel Miranda tends to be good — like a Tony award for his Broadway smash "Hamilton," or the birth of his second son. But this time, the news is not so great: Miranda has developed shingles.

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Cheer up, Lin-Manuel!NBC / NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

He tweeted about the development on Thursday, which came as something of a double-whammy:

Miranda, 38, has a 3-year-old son, Sebastian, but Francisco was just born in February.

At least the writer/director/performer has a sense of humor about the whole thing:

"Shameless" star Emmy Rossum, who also starred in the 2004 film version of "The Phantom of the Opera," jumped in:

But on Friday he did clear up one detail: No mask. Ah well! Though now we know: he's staying at his parents' home while ailing.

Shingles is a viral infection that expresses itself first as chickenpox, according to WebMD; both ailments come from the same virus. But shingles is more severe and can be lingering, and is often accompanied by shooting pains. Stress is often a factor in "waking up" the virus, which post-chickenpox infection lingers dormant in the body. A shingles vaccine for people over 50 is currently available.

Shingles can't be passed from person to person, says the CDC, but an unvaccinated baby or a young person who hasn't had chickenpox can develop chickenpox from a carrier, which is why Miranda can't be around Francisco right now.

The virus can last from three to five weeks, according to NIH.

We wish Miranda a speedy recovery!

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