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By Ree Hines

Over the years, Kirstie Alley has struggled with her weight, and she's never shied away from sharing that struggle with her fans. But now, after a series of public ups and downs, the actress is certain she's found the secret to success.

Her resolution for 2014 was to drop 30 pounds, and she's fulfilled that and more. During a Monday morning visit to TODAY, she revealed that she rang in 2015 a full 50 pounds lighter.

"I lost it on Jenny Craig," she told Matt Lauer.

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Alley is a paid spokesperson for the weight-loss company, and this isn't the first time she's had success shedding pounds on the program. But in the past, the weight always returned.

Last April, Alley told Lauer, "I have an easy time gaining weight, and I actually have an easy time losing weight."

The actress has never shied away from sharing her ups and downs where her weight is concerned.Today

The hard part, of course, is keeping it off.

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On Monday she declared, "This time it's different. My goal is to keep this and maintain this throughout my life. … I feel like I've conquered that now. I'm sort of hardheaded. You know, when I used to do drugs, it took me a while to quit, quit, quit — and then it was done. And I feel like that's occurred for me [with my weight now]."

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So, heading into the new year and feeling certain her weight worries are behind her, Alley has a new resolution in mind, one that involves thinking less about her body and more about someone else's — or as she put it: "Kirstie wants to hook up in 2015."

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