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Kid accidentally inhales his dog's toy — and squeaks with laughter

File this under things not to swallow.
/ Source: TODAY

Maybe you've swallowed a piece of gum or an ice cube.

Maybe you've spit up when a beverage went down the wrong pipe.

But have you ever ingested a foreign object that turned your laughs into squeaks? This kid did.

In a Facebook video that has been viewed more than 25 million times, a boy named Anthony winds up in the emergency room after "inhaling" his dog's squeaky toy. We can only guess what his mother said after the fact: "Don't you ever squeak to me like that again!"

In the clip, a woman — perhaps his mom — asks, "How can you tell (that you swallowed the toy)?" To which he responds with big eyes and a long squeeeeeak, squeak.

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In reality, something like this happening to your kid is highly unlikely.

"I've been practicing for 37 years and I've never had a child squeak at me," said Dr. Alfred Sacchetti, a spokesperson for the American College of Emergency Physicians and chief of emergency services at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in Camden, New Jersey.

Sacchetti is quick to point out he doesn't know the specifics of the case, but he suspects Anthony swallowed the small metal noise box — and not the actual toy itself — because that would block his airways.

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Sacchetti warned that while you may not have to worry about large dog toys, toddlers are constantly trying to kill themselves by swallowing anything and everything they can find. More common objects include batteries, pills, coins — anything that's small enough to get past their teeth.

"Even adults wind up in the hospital after swallowing something odd. The story typically starts with: 'Here, hold my beer and watch this'," Sacchetti joked.

The key takeaway? Leave the dog toys to your pup, and don't ingest anything you wouldn't want to explain to an emergency physician.