Katy Perry opens up about seeing a therapist: 'It's changed my life'

/ Source: TODAY

The fame and fortune that come with pop stardom may sound like the perfect way to get just what you want — but according to Katy Perry, that's the problem.

In a candid interview with Vogue, the singer-songwriter credits therapy with saving her from the dangers of disconnect and indulgence that other famous faces have suffered.

Katy Perry opens up to Vogue about the life-changing benefits of therapy.Getty Images

"It’s changed my life," Perry, who started seeing a therapist five years ago, told the magazine. "When I am in the room, I am just Katheryn Hudson, which is amazing because people in my position hear 'yes' too much, and it kills them or makes them completely disconnected from reality — and I don’t want that."

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That's not the only thing that keeps her grounded. Therapy is Perry's life-changer, but Transcendental Meditation is her "game-changer."

The 32-year-old learned about the technique for relaxation and self-actualization from ex-husband Russell Brand, and now it's part of her daily routine.

"It’s a game-changer. I will feel neuro pathways open, a halo of lights," she explained. "And I’m so much sharper. I just fire up!"

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But Perry isn't content to simply reap the rewards that therapy and meditation bring to her life. She wants to pass on the positive effects in her own way — through music.

"I don’t cure cancer or anything," she said. "But I know that I can bring light and joy and happiness in tiny installments of three minutes and 30 seconds. That does something. That lifts spirits."

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