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Kathie Lee Gifford opens up about when she knew she wanted to marry Frank

It didn't take long for the fourth hour co-host to fall in love with the man she was married to for 29 years.
KLG reveals the moment she'd knew she was gonna marry Frank
Kathie Lee Gifford knew \"about a month\" after she started seeing Frank Gifford that she wanted to marry him.Getty Images

How long should you be together with someone before you know he or she is the one you want to marry?

For TODAY's Kathie Lee Gifford, that special moment came fairly quickly with the love of her life, Frank Gifford, to whom she was married to for 29 years before his death at 84 in 2015.

"For me, I guess it was about a month after we started seeing each other,'' Kathie Lee said on TODAY Thursday. "We got married, you know, pretty quickly after that. What are you waiting for when you're almost 60? Frank was 56 years old (at the time)."

A study released on Monday that surveyed married people found that on average it took them 172 days about six months to decide they wanted to tie the knot.

In Kathie Lee's case, there was a myriad of complicating factors when she first met the New York Giants legend and famed broadcaster.

"Frank was married at the time,'' she said. "He was 23 years older than I was. I was getting divorced... We didn't even consider it for the longest time because we weren't available to one another."

Meanwhile, Frank was smitten with Kathie Lee before they were officially together.

"He said it happened for him a couple years before we even saw each other romantically,'' she said.

It all culminated with Frank's romantic proposal in her room at a hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, after she had performed a show.

While the recently-released study determined that six months is the norm for most people, Kathie Lee feels like it's an individual choice.

"That's why these generalizations are hard because everybody's different,'' she said. "Some people do fall in love madly and (are) married for the rest of their lives.

"God bless 'em, it's hard to do. Marriage is hard. It's not a natural state."