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Kathie Lee hasn't taken a sick day in 35 years

It makes us all happy knowing we can always count on Kathie Lee... Unless she's on vacation, of course.
/ Source: TODAY

After decades in broadcast television, viewers should take comfort in the fact that they can always count on Kathie Lee Gifford to be there.

Not many of us can say we haven’t taken a sick day this year, yet Kathie Lee recently noted that she hasn’t taken one in 35 years.

“I rarely, thank God, have ever gotten sick,” Kathie Lee said on TODAY. “I’m not saying I don’t sometimes get sick, but I’ve never had a sick day of work in 35 years. Never. I missed one day, and that was because of weather.”

She doesn't have any special tricks, and she's not a germophobe (like other TODAY anchors), but she does use a lot of hand sanitizer.

Keep it up, Kathie Lee! (But curse that one dreary day for ruining a perfect streak.)

The duo had a similar discussion back in May, where Kathie Lee and Hoda had different takes on “mental health days.”

“They didn’t call anything ‘mental health day’ back in the 1800s when I started my career,” Kathie Lee joked. “You went to work!”

Hoda owned up to calling out of work to unwind and watch movies, like the rest of America.

“I’m smart. I don’t leave the house,” she said. “Sometimes you need a break, and you just need to say you don’t feel so great.”

We get it, Hoda. We feel the same way sometimes — and it's OK. Whether you're fighting a flu or a cold, it's important to listen to your body and stay home and rest. And if you just feel like you can't face the day, do take that mental health day.