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Kaley Cuoco's trainer shares her workout routine – and 5 moves to try at home

Ryan Sorensen has been working with the "Big Bang Theory" actor for three years.
/ Source: TODAY

Kaley Cuoco doesn’t mess around when it comes to her fitness routine. Just ask the “Flight Attendant” actor’s longtime trainer, Ryan Sorensen.

“Kaley’s favorite workouts are the ones that challenge her. Like if she has a hard time doing something at first, she’ll want to do that exercise every single time until she gets it,” Sorensen told TODAY Health.

Sorensen recalled Cuoco’s determination when she was training to kneel on a stability ball, a move that tests balance, coordination and strength.

“It’s really tough,” Sorensen explained. “She started by using mobility sticks — and then eventually, she got to the point where she didn’t need them anymore. She was like, ‘I’m gonna keep at this until I get it right.’ That’s just how she works.”

Earlier this month, Cuoco shared a series of Instagram photos of herself crushing a variety of strength and cardio exercises with Sorensen by her side. In the pictures, she is shown using resistance bands, waving battle ropes and sweating on a vertical climber — a machine that can torch up to 1,000 calories in 30 minutes. Cuoco is also seen on a treadmill completing speed intervals, which are high-intensity bursts followed by recovery phases.

“We stay away from a lot of weight training. For Kaley, it’s about staying toned and and not building a ton of muscle,” Sorensen, revealed, noting that they do 50% cardio, 25% lower body strength and 25% full body strength.

Cuoco, who loves variety in her workouts, will usually do about 30 different exercises during an hour-long session with Sorensen. The “Big Bang Theory” alum also rides horses and gets in 10,000 steps every single day.

Though Cuoco’s home gym is outfitted with high-end cardio equipment including a stationary bike and a rowing machine that mimics the feel of water, a majority of her training tools are budget-friendly. For example, Cuoco regularly uses battle ropes to get a full upper body workout.

“It’s a great shoulder and core workout and you’re getting your heart rate up,” Sorensen said. “If you’re doing slams, you can do 20 seconds on and then 20 seconds off. You can go from slams to drummers. Just have fun and mix it up.”

Sorensen, who has been training Cuoco for three years, said she has never felt stronger.

“Her aches and pains have disappeared. She’s feeling better,” he said. “She appreciates what exercise does for her body."

Want to re-create Cuoco's workout at home? Sorensen shared how to do a Kaley Cuoco-inspired workout — no equipment required:

  1. Plank to pushup: Start in forearm plank then walk your hands out into pushup position. Repeat 10 times.
  2. Single-leg RDL into balance: Balance on one leg, hinge with your back flat, kick your opposite leg back, finish in a balanced position. Repeat 8 each leg.
  3. Split squat jumps: Begin in a split stance position, switch your stance as you jump, land in good alignment. Perform 30 jumps total.
  4. Hill sprints: Run as fast you can for 100 yards or :20 seconds. Perform 10 repetitions of sprints with :30 seconds of rest.
  5. Single-leg hip extension: Lay on your back, feet under knees. Raise your butt off of the ground into a bridge position. Next, lift one leg off of the ground and raise and lower your butt, performing bridge dips. Perform 20 each leg.