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Kaitlyn Bristowe details COVID-19 struggle, says she's 'scared' and 'spiraling'

The "Dancing with the Stars" champ shared a candid update about how she's feeling.
/ Source: TODAY

Kaitlyn Bristowe is sharing an emotional update about how tough it is suffering from COVID-19.

Just days after the "Dancing with the Stars" champ revealed that she and boyfriend Jason Tartick had tested positive for the coronavirus, Bristowe opened up about feeling "scared" and "depressed."

"I'm just allowing myself to be bummed out," Bristowe shared in a candid Instagram story.@kaitlynbristowe / Instagram

"I've been trying really hard to do the whole perspective thing, but a few of my friends have been like, 'Kaitlyn, it's OK to be scared and to be upset and to be frustrated at this.' And so today, I'm just allowing myself to be bummed out," Bristowe, 35, revealed Monday in a series of videos she posted to her Instagram story.

"I feel a little bit depressed and, like, super anxious and scared," she went on. "I'm worried of, like, what if my smell and taste never comes back? Then I get scared, like, what if tomorrow I wake up and I can't breathe? What if the next day I'm not OK?"

The former "Bachelorette" star said all of the frightening "what-ifs" have her "spiraling."

"I hate when things are unpredictable, and COVID is definitely unpredictable," she added.

Among her videos was one of Bristowe using a nasal steamer. "This is not an ad. You do not get a discount code, but you do get a little bit of hope," she joked.

The reality TV star announced last week on Instagram that she and Tartick had tested positive for the virus. Next to a photo of the pair sitting next to a Christmas tree, she wrote. "Unfortunately, this is our Christmas card this year. We have Covid 😭."

Bristowe's COVID-19 diagnosis comes one month after winning season 29 of "Dancing with the Stars." Kelsey McNeal / ABC via Getty Images

Bristowe and Tartick "had been trying to quarantine before seeing family," she wrote. However, the pair allowed one friend to visit them at home. That friend ended up testing positive for the virus later the same day.

"We thought we were making a responsible decision to have ONE person over, who had been tested daily for work. Negative tests 4 days in a row. The day we saw her, she became positive which we all found out the next day. Now, like many, we will spend Christmas by ourselves," wrote Bristowe.

"We just want to let everyone know that we thought we were being safe, but covid is bigger than us," she continued in her post.

Bristowe concluded by sending out a heartfelt message to to others who are suffering, and also to health care workers.

"Today, We are thinking of everyone who is spending the holidays alone, anyone who is sick or overcoming something, (as 2020 has taught us to overcome a lot), and all of the healthcare workers who have been away from family, taking care of others for months, and months now," she wrote. "We will be ok!! Be safe and happy holidays!!"