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Justin Bieber reveals he experienced suicidal thoughts in new documentary

In a revealing new documentary, the singer admits that he struggled with suicidal thoughts in the past. "The pain was so consistent," he says.
Justin Bieber filmed his documentary during quarantine.
Justin Bieber filmed his documentary during quarantine.Justin Bieber/ Youtube
/ Source: TODAY

This story discusses suicide. If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide please call the U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, text HOME to 741741 or go to for additional resources.

Growing up in the spotlight and facing public scrutiny at a young age certainly took its toll on Justin Bieber.

In a revealing new documentary titled "Justin Bieber: Next Chapter," the singer admits that he struggled with suicidal thoughts in the past, and opens up about his experience with depression and feelings of loneliness.

"I think that there was times where I was really, really suicidal, like really like 'Man, is this pain ever gonna go away?' It was so consistent, the pain was so consistent. I was just suffering, so I (was) just like, 'Man, I would rather not feel this than feel this,'" Bieber revealed.

The singer, 26, skyrocketed to fame at the age of 16 after his single "Baby" debuted in 2010. Over the years, Bieber's success and mishaps, including several arrests and bouts of drug use, were well publicized, and he has been open about his experience with depression in recent years.

During the documentary, which was filmed over the past several months, Bieber admits that he wasn't ready for his rise to fame.

"I just had no idea what was to come. I had no idea that this life would take me by storm. I had no idea that I would just get sucked up by all of this stuff," he said.

While growing up in the music business, Bieber was subject to public scrutiny and he acknowledged that people weren't always very forgiving when he made mistakes.

"There was so many people who were just so mean, random people saying 'You suck. You look like a girl.' I would shake it off and act like it didn't bother me, but that stuff bothered me and then it affected how I acted and how I treated people and then it's just this ongoing cycle of like, 'Hurt people hurt people,'" he explained.

The singer, who recently released an emotional music video for the song "Lonely," said he hopes to help others who might be struggling to open up to a loved one or a mental health professional.

"I just would encourage people, 'Hey, if you're feeling lonely, talk about it. Say it out loud. There's a freedom in that," he said.

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Bieber, who married Hailey Baldwin in 2018, also revealed that he's in the "best place" of his life right now and said he credits his faith in God for helping him navigate many difficult times over the past few years.

"I'm the most fulfilled, I feel the most stable, I feel the most secure, I feel the most confident, I feel so just at peace," he said. "For the first time in my life, I don't feel like I'm striving. I feel like I know who God has called me to be. I am where I'm supposed to be, I'm walking in the plans of God, and the assurance of that is amazing."