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Soap star Judi Evans nearly had both legs amputated battling coronavirus

Her rep says she's in "good spirits" now.
/ Source: TODAY

Veteran soap actress Judi Evans is "in good spirits" according to her representative, despite spending time in the hospital with the coronavirus.

In addition, the rep, Howie Tiger Simon, reported Monday on Facebook that the "Days of Our Lives" actress nearly had both legs amputated due to the virus.

"I spoke to Judi on Sunday and she is STILL in the hospital — 23 days now and counting. She contracted COVID-19 while there and she had what is known as the COVID blood clots in her legs and she nearly had both legs amputated on two different occasions," Simon wrote.

"She had mild symptoms — fever, aches, a cough and the blood clots. On top of everything, when she went into surgery on one of her legs, they forgot to numb the leg and cut into her leg while she was fully (conscious) with no numbing of the area! However speaking to her on Sunday, she was in good spirits and back to Judi 'humor' despite all these spiraling turn of events. She has said she appreciates all the prayers for her and they’ve helped her mentally, physically and spiritually! She just wants to continue to test negative on COVID19 before she can go home and get the rest she so needs!!!"

Judi Evans
Evans is "is doing much better at this time, but is still recuperating," according to her rep.Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

Evans' rep told TODAY on Tuesday that the actress contracted COVID-19 "while at the hospital since May 16 for a horse riding accident."

The statement added that she "is doing much better at this time, but is still recuperating and still has blood clotting and oxygen level issues before she can be released."

Evans, 55, has had a long career in television, largely in the soap opera world, with roles on now-defunct shows "As the World Turns," "Another World" and "Guiding Light," with on-and-off appearances from 1986 to the present on "Days of Our Lives."

She's far from the only celebrity to test positive for the virus. But the way the virus has affected Evans underscores the unexpected and scary ways it can wreak havoc on a person's entire system.

We wish Evans a speedy and safe recovery.

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