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Joy Fit Club: Meet two women who lost over 160 pounds

TODAY happily welcomes two new members to the Joy Fit Club!
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY happily welcomed two new members to the Joy Fit Club! Janice Rosario, 29, of Chicago, started her weight-loss journey at 334 pounds. After losing 160 pounds, she now weighs 174!

Erica Buteau, 37, from Berlin, New Hampshire, was 326 pounds. Today, she weighs 150 pounds — she lost 175 pounds!

How did they do it? Watch the video below and read more about their success for weight-loss tips and tricks.

1. Janice Rosario changed her eating habits and started working out.

Today, Janice Rosario is training to be a personal trainer.TODAY; Nathan R. Congleton

For years, Rosario had tried to find a "quick fix" or "magic pill" to help her with her weight-loss efforts. She was always trying to lose weight for a vacation, birthday or other timely event, but never focused on just doing it for herself.

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That was until 2014, when she realized she had to make a lasting change. She started eating healthier and exercising three to five times a week. She stopped focusing on the scale, and approached these changes as a lifestyle.

Eventually, she added weight training to her workouts and lost 60 pounds in six months! Today, she is down 160 pounds and studying to become a certified personal trainer.

2. Erica Buteau joined Atkins and started doing yoga.

Erica Buteau received a makeover from the TODAY team.TODAY; Nathan R. Congleton

Erica Buteau had been overweight her whole life, and was bullied about her size since elementary school. By the time she was in her 30s, she was taking two blood-pressure medications a day, in addition to medications for high cholesterol and depression.

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Buteau works as a blogger and one day, she received a digital scale to review.

"I carefully unpacked the scale, installed the batteries and stepped on," she said. "It was March 29, 2014, and I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been, at over 300 pounds. I decided I needed to change my life."

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Buteau joined the Atkins diet and started doing yoga. She has weighed herself every day to motivate and hold herself accountable. Today, she's off all of her medications and has more energy to spend with her children.

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