Join the 'Trim Before Turkey' Challenge! Get the plan here

/ Source: TODAY

Ready to get in shape this fall? If you’re like most people, you always gain a few pounds between Thanksgiving and the New Year, so TODAY wants to help you be proactive and get trim before the turkey so you can enjoy the pumpkin pie guilt-free this year!

The plan has two parts: a meal plan created by TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer and a fitness plan from trainer Will Weber. The plan is doable and will help to keep you on track!

Joy's Meal Plan

The rules to this plan are simple. In the morning, enjoy any breakfast that's under 300 calories, eat lunch for no more than 400 calories and eat a dinner that's 500 calories or less. You can create your own meals and menu or choose from the nutrient-packed recipes we've customized here.

And if you'd like to test your nutrition knowledge, take her quiz here! Joy also helped the Trim Before Turkey participants learn how to light up their favorite dishes like macaroni and cheese, and chocolate cookies.

Will Weber's fitness routine

Each two weeks trainer Will Weber will provide a new workout plan for you. You can find workout here:

Week 1 + 2

Week 3 + 4

Week 5 + 6

And tune into TODAY each week for updates! Good luck!