Join our '16 to '16 Challenge: Eat one cup of veggies before dinner!

/ Source: TODAY

With just 16 weeks left until the start of 2016, we're kicking off a special series to help a few lucky TODAY viewers get in shape by the new year!

During our "16 to '16" series, three participants will be under the supervision of Joy Bauer and Jenna Wolfe, as they aim to meet weekly goals and improve their health by the start of January.

If that's not motivating enough, we're even going to donate $16 to Feeding America for every pound they lose.

Every week, we'll check in and document the changes — both good and bad.

So, what better way to get things started than with a few tips from Joy and Jenna? If you're following along at home, be sure to keep these in mind:

Joy's tip:

Eat one cup of veggies before lunch and dinner.

Some suggestions: a veggie soup; salad; cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar; cucumber sticks with garlic powder.

Jenna's tip:

1. Start with 7,000 steps a day. Your goal is 10,000.

2. Get in the habit of using the things around you for your workouts:

  • Chair (squats - works your lower body)
  • Wall (push offs - works your upper body)
  • Towel (jump overs - cardio)

Come back next week for more "16 to '16" Challenge tips!