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Join Jill Martin's 10-day TODAY cleanse! Tell us what you're willing to give up

Is there something you're willing to opt out of for an entire week? We want to hear all about it!
/ Source: TODAY

Two years ago, our Jill Martin went on her own little "Eat, Pray, Love" trip where she traveled the world and gave up technology (email, text, social media, internet) for one month.

Many of our viewers joined her 30 day detox — as did we — in giving up something that was overwhelming our lives (shopping, negative talk, eating carbs, ditching candy, the list goes on and on). In case you forgot, here's what our anchors gave up:

  • Matt – ice cream
  • Savannah – the word "selfie"
  • Al – salty snacks
  • Natalie – shopping
  • Carson – eating his kid’s snacks
  • Tamron – sweets
  • Willie – bread
  • Kathie Lee – bread
  • Hoda – sweets…except for her birthday cake

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Well, Jill is doing it again — a mini version, this time! — and she wants you to join her to get a new start for the new year.

She's traveled to a remote location near Bali called Sumba, all on her own without her smart phone — no email, text messages or social media for 10 days. (She'll only have a pay-as-you go flip phone for emergencies.)

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TODAY's Jill Martin is giving up technology before the new year.Jill Martin

Is there something you want — or are willing — to give up for a week? Tell us via video and fill out your info in the form below, and we may feature you on TODAY. We'll keep you posted on Jill's progress and we hope you do the same!