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Country singer Joey Feek opens up about 'finding peace' with dying in candid interview

Country singer Joey Feek opened up about finding peace with life in hospice and being so close to death.

"I don't fear anything because I'm so close to God and we've talked about it so many times," Feek said in a candid and emotional interview with The Tennessean. "I know he's close. And I know he loves me. I'm really at peace. I still believe there's healing in prayer."

Earlier this week, Feek's husband and country singing partner, Rory, said that hospice had been arranged for Joey, 40, who had come to peace with her cancer battle. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in May 2014 and underwent an aggressive treatment plan that included a hysterectomy, surgery and chemotherapy.

it's all about love.

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“I thought I did everything,” Feek said of her original aggressive cancer treatment. “But God decided for me that my job of singing for people down here is my legacy, and he needs me singing up there. That’s how I look at it.”

Feek told the newspaper that with treatment behind her, she is focused on relieving her pain.

"I'm doing all these alternative things and taking things I've never taken before — organic, all natural and homeopathic. It can't hurt," she said. "I'm doing all I can do to be more comfortable."

..this was taken at one of our last concerts. Love is a powerful thing to pray for.

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At the time that hospice was arranged last week, Rory wrote in a blog post:

"We need to concentrate now on helping her be comfortable," noting that a hospital bed had been ordered. "Not the answer we hoped for... but the answer he has given us."

...our girls drove up here last night to spend more time with their mom and little sister.

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Feek's interview comes as Sunday, she and Rory shared a photo of her embracing their daughters, Heidi, Hopie and her youngest, Indiana.

"Our girls drove up here last night to spend more time with their mom and little sister," the caption read.

With the help of her husband, Feek has candidly shared her fight against cancer, regularly sharing social media updates and blog posts on their website: "This Life I Live."