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Jessie James Decker breaks down after reading 'disgusting' comments about her body

The country-pop star took to her Instagram stories to call out hurtful comments about her body and weight on Reddit.
/ Source: TODAY

“If you don’t like me, then leave me alone.”

That’s what Jessie James Decker said in one of a number of clips she shared to her Instagram stories Tuesday, but that’s not all she had to say.

In the emotional videos, the “Lights Down Low” singer opened up to her fans and revealed the troubling reason she had tears in her eyes.

Jesse James Decker broke down in tears after reading a Reddit page devoted to criticizing her. jessiejamesdecker / Instagram

“So I’ve always been pretty confident in myself, and I’m not perfect,” she began. “I’ve always fluctuated in my weight up and down, but I have recently been sent a Reddit page that rips me apart on a daily basis. They’re talking about how, apparently, fat I’ve gotten, and how boxy and how terrible my body looks. And they’re accusing me of editing my body and all these things.”

The 33-year-old said that the subreddit devoted to criticizing her is “pretty awful,” and added that she can’t believe that sort of abuse still happens.

“Yes, I have gained weight, 100 percent,” she continued. “I used to obsess over it; tried to stay a certain weight, and most recently, over the past year, I decided to just let myself live. I work out, and I eat what I want, and I 100 percent am 10 pounds heavier than I used to be. Truthfully, I used to weigh like 115, and I’m not anymore.”

But even though she embraces her changing body, Decker strongly objects to others offering up their negative opinions about it.

“When you are writing blogs and stories and bullying me about how much weight I’ve gained and how fat my thighs are, I do take that offensively. Because what is the messaging you are sharing?” she asked. “It is so disgusting to me the things I just found. ... How can you wake up and live with yourself? I’m shaking because I cannot believe what I’m reading, and I need to stop.”

Jessie James Decker shared the emotional video clips to her Instagram Stories after reading “disgusting,” “bullying” comments about her body on Reddit.jessiejamesdecker / Instagram

But Decker, who became more and more emotional over the course of the clips, found it difficult to simply let it go and not allow it to affect her.

“It does make you stop and look in the mirror and go, ‘Oh my God, is there something wrong with me?’” she said as cried.

As the videos continued, the scene changed for a heartbreaking reason. The country-pop star suddenly went to the bathroom to record the rest of her message so that her 7-year-old daughter, Vivianne Rose, wouldn’t see her so upset or hear about what had her weeping.

Decker, who also has two sons with husband Eric Decker, said, “I hope my daughter doesn’t grow up in a world where people do this to her because it’s wrong.”