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Jessica Simpson shares ‘unrecognizable’ photo from day she became sober 4 years ago

Simpson opened up about her decision to get sober in a candid Instagram post.

Jessica Simpson is opening up about her decision to get sober four years ago in a candid post on Instagram.

On Monday, the 41-year-old entertainer and fashion designer posted an "unrecognizable" 2017 photo of herself looking forlorn as she sits in a darkened room. In her caption, Simpson recalled knowing "in this very moment" that it was time to stop drinking.

"This person in the early morning of Nov 1, 2017 is an unrecognizable version of myself. I had so much self discovery to unlock and explore," she wrote. "I knew in this very moment I would allow myself to take back my light, show victory over my internal battle of self respect, and brave this world with piercing clarity."

She continued, "Personally, to do this I needed to stop drinking alcohol because it kept my mind and heart circling in the same direction and quite honestly I was exhausted."

Simpson recalled that, on that day, she decided to take ownership of her life.

"I wanted to feel the pain so I could carry it like a badge of honor. I wanted to live as a leader does and break cycles to advance forward — never looking back with regret and remorse over any choice I have made and would make for the rest of my time here within this beautiful world," she wrote.

The singer also lamented that there is a "stigma" around "the word alcoholism or the label of an alcoholic."

For her, she said, abusing alcohol was a symptom of a larger problem — her inability to love herself, flaws and all.

"The real work that needed to be done in my life was to actually accept failure, pain, brokenness, and self sabotage. The drinking wasn’t the issue. I was." she wrote. "I didn’t love myself. I didn’t respect my own power. Today I do. I have made nice with the fears and I have accepted the parts of my life that are just sad."

The "I Wanna Love You Forever" singer concluded her post on a triumphant note, writing, "I own my personal power with soulful courage. I am wildly honest and comfortably open. I am free."

Simpson's fans commented to thank her for her honesty.

"I love you. I can’t imagine how many people you have helped with your openness," wrote one.

"Thank you for showing your wake up call, and showing me that I definitely need to do the same thing❤️," wrote another.

Simpson wrote unflinchingly about her struggle with addiction in her 2020 memoir “Open Book,” revealing for the first time that she began self-medicating with alcohol and pills after being sexually abused as a young child.

In the memoir, the singer, who shares two daughters Maxwell, 9, and Birdie, 2, and a son, Ace, 8, with husband Eric Johnson, said she knew she had to get sober for her kids after hitting rock bottom on Halloween in 2017 when she became too intoxicated to help Maxwell and Ace into their costumes.

"I was terrified of letting them see me in that shape," she writes. "I am ashamed to say that I don’t know who got them into their costumes that night."

The following day, Simpson asked friends for help, and soon enrolled herself in twice-a-week therapy sessions. She also enlisted a team of doctors to help her quit drinking.

In August 2020, just two months ahead of the third anniversary of her sobriety, Simpson reiterated that her children motivated her to quit drugs and booze.

"I was at that point in my life where my kids were growing older and they were watching every move that I made. I just really wanted clarity,” she said during a chat on “The Jess Cagle Show” on SiriusXM.

The singer, who unveiled a 100-pound weight loss the year before, added, "I wanted to understand myself because I didn’t even realize how much I was drinking and how much I was suppressing. I thought it was making me brave, I thought it was making me confident, and it was actually the complete opposite, it was silencing me."